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F/I/E/ helps business to anticipate and meet the challenges of their strategic restructuring and optimisation, as well as to implement social redeployment strategies, which may sometimes lead to the preparation then implementation of Employment Safeguard Plans (ESP).

F/I/E/ also helps businesses to fulfil their duty of revitalisation and to develop on new employment centres. Also a consultant to local authorities, F/I/E/, through its network and expertise in marketing, is at the origin of the settlement of new businesses on their territory.

F/I/E/ also offers monitoring and assessment of risks inherent to change projects, as well as assistance with crisis communication. F/I/E/ is organised around five areas of activity: Social Strategy, Revitalization, Risk Management, Communication, Careers.

Social strategy


« Ensure the development of men and serve the business efficiency »

To preserve their balances in an increasingly complex environment, companies, their executives and their employees must constantly meet new needs and challenges. That’s why F/I/E/ Social Strategy is there to help them define and conduct their strategic projects concerning organisation, employment and skills development.

F/I/E/ Social Strategy is therefore generally involved in major strategic changes, more specifically for enterprise reorganisation plans, whether they are the result of mergers/acquisitions, strong growth cycles or declining business activity.


F/I/E/ assists companies in their redeployment strategy


« Build the jobs of tomorrow together »

Strengthening the dynamism of a region, revitalizing an employment pool, and promoting enterprise development in order to meet the challenges of employment are the objectives of F/I/E/ Revitalization.

F/I/E/ Revitalization works with enterprises and communities in order to anticipate and make proposals. It supports them in each stage of their projects, from the definition of strategies adapted to setting up companies, to the diagnosis and impact study phases.

The global expertise offered by F/I/E/ Revitalization guarantees successful economic development and employment in the regions for all players involved.




« Ensure a good company’s image »

Enterprise change projects face companies with unusual situations that make them fragile: social tensions, increased number of stakeholders, excessive media coverage, damage to corporate image, etc.

To cope with these situations, F/I/E/ Communication proposes a global communication strategy. By anticipation, it is involved from the first phases of a project and takes account of the constraints tied to social laws. It allows the right understanding of the project by the various audiences concerned, and ensures the message conveyed to internal and external players is consistent. If a crisis has already developed, a specific crisis strategy becomes necessary to defend the company’s project and preserve its image. Special actions with institutional players and the media are also defined and implemented.



Risk Management

« Anticipate and manage conflict »

F/I/E/ Risk Management helps enterprises anticipate and manage all crisis situations they may face. Among these situations, those involving change, restructuring or delocalization are now more frequent.

Investigations, analysis and assessment of risks, and diagnosis of the social climate and sociopolitical environment are all elements provided to executives to allow them to better deal with crises and manage conflicts.


Risk management


« Putting human capital at the heart of corporate development »

F/I/E/ Careers coaches executives and HR decision-makers as they strive to optimise the human potential of their enterprise. Specialised in assessing skills and internal and external mobility procedures, F/I/E/ Careers also helps to hire new high potentials.

F/I/E/ Careers gives its clients a guarantee of successful completion, and to maintain it assignments beyond the trial period for recruitment, and after the first repositioning for an outplacement.

F/I/E/’s global offer to its clients allows F/I/E/ Careers to perform its assignments through real anticipation, which guarantees their consistency with the enterprise’s social strategy.


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