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« Ensure a good company’s image »


Enterprise change projects face companies with unusual situations that make them fragile: social tensions, increased number of stakeholders, excessive media coverage, damage to corporate image, etc.

To cope with these situations, F/I/E/ Communication proposes a global communication strategy. By anticipation, it is involved from the first phases of a project and takes account of the constraints tied to social laws. It allows the right understanding of the project by the various audiences concerned, and ensures the message conveyed to internal and external players is consistent. If a crisis has already developed, a specific crisis strategy becomes necessary to defend the company’s project and preserve its image. Special actions with institutional players and the media are also defined and implemented.


F/I/E/ Communication expertise

Social communication and project support (Anticipation)

  • Analysis of stakeholders (internal players, institutional players, media).
  • Definition of challenges.
  • Development of language guidelines and definition of communication arguments.
  • Design and drafting of internal documents.
  • Manager training.
  • Observance of work calendar.


Crisis communication (Crisis management)

  • Anticipate the crisis communication strategy through prior identification of risk criteria and definition of the reasons for potential crises.
  • Identify key targets. Define the company’s communication stance.
  • Set up a crisis unit.
  • Coach the spokespersons.


Institutional communication and lobbying

  • Identification of local and national institutional players currently or potentially concerned by the company’s projects.
  • Contact-making, appointment organization and follow-up.
  • Study and analysis of arguments and messages to be conveyed according to stakes.
  • Design and drafting of required documents (institutional brochure, letter, etc.).


Media relations

  • Definition of language guidelines and preparation of questions/answers.
  • Identification of contacts and preferred information relays.
  • Drafting and production of communication media.
  • Media training/Training of enterprise spokespersons in managing press relations and commanding techniques for speaking to the press.


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