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Risk Management

“Anticipate and manage conflicts”


F/I/E/ Risk Management helps enterprises anticipate and manage all crisis situations they may face. Among these situations, those involving change, restructuring or delocalization are now more frequent.

Investigations, analysis and assessment of risks, and diagnosis of the social climate and sociopolitical environment are all elements provided to executives to allow them to better deal with crises and manage conflicts.

F/I/E/ Risk Management expertise

Implementation of an economic intelligence approach to enable expanded competitive Watch

  • Conduct investigations.
  • Combat threats stemming from economic competition (fraud, industrial espionage, infringement, etc.).
  • Identify new technologies in transportation security, factory protection, etc.



  • Perform a comparative analysis of the processes and management methods of enterprises of similar sizes operating in identical business sectors or different ones.


Risk analysis and anticipation

  • Map the risks for each company site.
  • Define a prevention plan based on each risk and its probability level.


Diagnosis of the enterprise’s social climate and environment

  • Describe the company’s internal and external environment.
  • Analyze and process all available and collected information.
  • Analyze the mindset of the various contacts such as local authorities and communities.
  • Develop the strategies to be implemented.


Protection of persons and property

  • Ensure the personal safety of employees and executives.
  • Provide assistance in site security.
  • Surround executives during their trips, and in some cases their families.
  • Ensure the smooth running of the various meetings.

Risk management

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