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Social strategy

“Ensure human development and serve corporate efficiency”


To preserve their balances in an increasingly complex environment, companies, their executives and their employees must constantly meet new needs and challenges. That’s why F/I/E/ Social Strategy is there to help them define and conduct their strategic projects concerning organisation, employment and skills development.

F/I/E/ Social Strategy is therefore generally involved in major strategic changes, more specifically for enterprise reorganisation plans, whether they are the result of mergers/acquisitions, strong growth cycles or declining business activity.

Our unique offer

  •  An original methodology, proven through extensive experience dedicated to corporations.
  • A tailor-made, personalized service, specially suited to the issues faced by each company, taking its culture and internal and external environment into account.
  • A fine-grain analysis of macro and micro-economic situations. An experienced team headed by consultants formerly members of executive boards.
  • A comprehensive offering supported by all the other F/I/E/ business divisions.

Assessment and development of HR policies

Dedicated to companies and their executives, F/I/E/ Social Strategy helps design and implement optimum HR policies for enterprises in order to strengthen their global performance.

F/I/E/ Social Strategy ensures that the HR policy is consistent with the company’s strategic goals, enabling executives and employees to deal with new economic challenges and the ensuing new social and employment policies. Its approach is ruled by three guiding lines: anticipating problems, individualized solutions, and actions in close collaboration with the field.

F/I/E/ Social Strategy expertise

Defining and developing a social strategy

  •  Taking account of the enterprise’s historical, social, cultural and economic background.
  • Analysis of future needs.
  • Definition of strategic orientations and key areas of focus.
  • Definition of project implementation, control and assessment procédures.


Upgrading the organizational performance of the company

  •  Identification of strengths and weaknesses of social organization, and of its distinctive expertise.
  • Assessment of match between management methods and market requirements.
  • Design and adaptation of performance improvement scenarios.
  • Building action plans to effectively improve the company’s competitiveness.


Anticipating the employment trends (GPEC) and implementing human resource adaptation measures

  •  Definition of the corporate strategy according to the impact of its environment and means of action on the workforce and skills.
  • Identification of transformations required in employment and skills.
  • Design of transitional procedures and plans.
  • Development of employment skills and planning (GPEC) draft agreements and negotiation processes.
  • Implementation of GPEC.
  • Action monitoring and assessment.


Developing human potential

  •  Conducting in-depth interviews with the concerned executive(s) and employee(s).
  • Development of personalized, individual programs.
  • Implementation of targeted themed workshops: interpersonal communication, management styles, time control, etc.
  • Assessment and improvement of employee employability using modern, proven and international tools, including feedback from the person’s working circle.

Restructuring support and job protection plan management

F/I/E/ Social Strategy helps to conduct companies’ restructuring projects and ensures their smooth social, human and organizational management.

F/I/E/ Social Strategy expertise

Social engineering consultancy

  • Analysis of the company’s internal and external environment.
  • Assessment and definition of economic and strategic challenges of reorganisation.
  • Choice of relevant scope of reorganisation.
  • Definition of strategic procedural choices.
  • Planning the implementation of the reorganisation project.
  • Development of a strategy for dialogue and negotiations between management and employees.


Anticipating, preparing and managing Job Protection Plans (PSE)

  • Drafting of economic arguments justifying reorganization.
  • Definition of social coaching measures for employees.
  • Sizing up economic and social impact of reorganisation on a region.
  • Advocating measures tied to the revitalisation requirement.
  • Securing the project.


Manager training and coaching

  • Mobilisation of management teams.
  • Training of management teams so they can act as information relays to explain the reorganisation and respond to employee anxiety.
  • Implementation of a reorganisation management program.


Employee mobilisation and involvement

  • Diagnosis and analysis of employee/management relations.
  • Development of an action program intended for all employee categories: team building, expressive groups, conventions, seminars, etc.
  • Assessment and regulation of social climate.
  • Analysis and interpretation of information collected, and making of decision aids available to exécutives.


Employee support

  • Information for employees on Job Protection Plan measures and on current project (creation of an Information/Advice Space, a toll-free number, etc.).
  • Definition and implementation of individual repositioning action plans.
  • Individual and collective outplacement.
  • Employee coaching in Employment Mobility Space: implementation of Employment Branches.
  • Employee coaching for company start-up or reactivation projects.
  • Collection of job offers and proposal of individualised repositioning solutions to each employee.

Social Strategy

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