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F/I/E/ France Ingénierie Emploi

About us

Our offer

F/I/E/ helps business to anticipate and meet the challenges of their strategic restructuring and optimisation, as well as to implement social redeployment strategies, which may sometimes lead to the preparation then implementation of Employment Safeguard Plans (ESP).

F/I/E/ also helps businesses to fulfil their duty of revitalisation and to develop on new employment centres. Also a consultant to local authorities, F/I/E/, through its network and expertise in marketing, is at the origin of the settlement of new businesses on their territory.

F/I/E/ also offers monitoring and assessment of risks inherent to change projects, as well as assistance with crisis communication. F/I/E/ is organised around five areas of activity: Social Strategy, Revitalization, Risk Management, Communication, Careers.

Our field of investigation

F/I/E/ is involved in the preparation and implementation of projects such as:

  • Forward Management of Jobs and Skills
  • Business reorganisation and restructuring plans
  • Merger/acquisition plans
  • Staff reduction or site closure plan Preparation and implementation of an Employment Safeguard Plan
  • Revitalization of an employment centre
  • Conversion of sites
  • Establishment of new business

Our organisation

F/I/E/ has chosen to organise itself around 5 complementary areas of activity:


These areas cover all the expertise of F/I/E/. They allow to provide comprehensive solutions to our customers, and thus to handle multidisciplinary projects.

Our teams

Our consultants share the common values of commitment, attention to detail and availability. They are committed to providing the best possible support to leaders and their teams, as well as to public policy-makers involved in the economic development of territories. Experienced and with a solid business background, they are entirely familiar with the issues and difficulties our clients can meet. They are therefore in a position to facilitate the conduct of projects undertaken.

Presence of France Ingénierie Emploi in France

France Industrie & Emploi

Our territorial coverage gives our teams in-depth knowledge of local environments. Taking into account the particularities of each situation, our consultants provide tailor-made solutions which are perfectly adapted to each specific need of our clients.

France Ingénierie Emploi : An international representation

France Industrie & Emploi - International

F/I/E/ accompanies the large national French firms which set up or develop their activities internationally.

For a complete understanding of the specificities of the local market, F/I/E/‘s multicultural teams develop the same policy of involvement both at regional and international level, and adapt their working methods to the cultural and economic characteristics of the country concerned.

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