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Strengthening the dynamism of a region, revitalizing an employment pool, and promoting enterprise development in order to meet the challenges of employment are the objectives of F/I/E/ Revitalization..

F/I/E/ Revitalization works with enterprises and communities in order to anticipate and make proposals. It supports them in each stage of their projects, from the definition of strategies adapted to setting up companies, to the diagnosis and impact study phases.

The global expertise offered by F/I/E/ Revitalization guarantees successful economic development and employment in the regions for all players involved.


Community offer

F/I/E/ Revitalization is committed to communities to help reactivate and develop employment pools. To do this, it is involved from the definition of development strategies, to the promotion of regions, to prospecting actions and setting up of new enterprises.

F/I/E/ Revitalization expertise

Economic diagnosis of régions

  • Analysis of business sectors and employment potential.
  • Assessment of positioning of region on market.
  • Assessment of its appeal.
  • Assessment of match between a region’s supply and the companies’ demand.


Definition of economic development stratégies

  • Structuring of a competitive, global and sectional regional offer.
  • Definition of conditions and resources to provide it with a unique positioning.
  • Definition of actions plans and budget estimâtes.
  • Establishment of tools for monitoring and evaluating the return on investment.


Region marketing

  • Position and value the regional offer.
  • Implement an operational marketing mix designed for qualified investor targets.
  • Set quantifiable and measurable objectives, especially in terms of job creation.
  • Create new jobs by setting up new businesses and through endogenous development.


Prospecting and support of regional setup projects

  • Qualified targeting of national and international companies to be prospected.
  • Creation of tools for promoting the region.
  • Drafting of sales arguments.
  • Testing of prospecting plans.
  • Direct prospecting of enterprises and investors.
  • Insertion of enterprises in the region.
  • Assistance in the recruitment, welcoming and induction of staff.

Enterprise offer

F/I/E/ Revitalization dedicates its know-how to groups subject to the revitalization obligation within the framework of Job Protection Plans (PSE). It also coaches and guides enterprises in their development and setup projects in new régions.

F/I/E/ Revitalization expertise

Analysis and measurement of PSE impacts on regions. Design of revitalization plans.

  • Economic and social diagnosis of an employment pool.
  • Impact study.
  • Study on the employability of employees: assess the match between available skills and employment potential.
  • Feasibility study on revitalization of an employment pool: propose alternative solutions.
  • Definition of a revitalization plan adapted to the characteristics of a region and negotiation of an agreement with the State.


Implementation of revitalization action within the framework of PSEs

  • Identify the enterprise setup projects, corporate rescuers, investors, and draw them to a site and a region.
  • Create new jobs by supporting the development of local micro-companies and SMEs.
  • Design and implement structural projects for a region.
  • Support enterprise creation projects: spin-off strategy, etc.


Support for setup projects on entire national territory

  • Establishment of optimum localization for setting up a company.
  • Assistance in preparing a business plan.
  • Assistance in recruiting and inducting personnel on new location.
  • Establishment of enterprise relations with national and local institutional players.
  • Search for industrial and R&D partners.
  • Mobilization of public and private financial aid for new locations that may be eligible.

Our unique offer

  • An original methodology, proven through extensive experience dedicated to corporations.
  • A tailor-made, personalized service, specially suited to the issues faced by each company, taking its culture and internal and external environment into account.
  • A fine-grain analysis of macro and micro-economic situations.
  • An experienced team headed by consultants formerly members of executive boards.
  • A comprehensive offering supported by all the other F/I/E/ business divisions.

Preliminary search for a successor

You are a company that belongs to a group of more than 1000 people in Europe and you close an establishment: leave your search for a successor to an expert advisor in order to fulfil your legal obligation and assure that your Employment Protection Plan (PSE) runs smoothly.


Who is involved?

(articles L. 1233-57-9 to 21 of the Labour Code)

A company, belonging to a group of at least 1000 employees in Europe, planning to close an establishment resulting in an economic lay-off plan, is now required to search for a successor and give a motivated response to each of the purchase offers they receive, this obligation applying to collective redundancy procedures entered into from 01 April 2014.

Failure to fulfil this obligation could lead to administration not validating the PSE.

This approach could be initiated in a preconditional, confidential manner before the beginning of the PSE procedure.

The search for the successor of a business or an industrial site could also proceed with a logic outside of PSE:

First of all, it could be regarding a voluntary approach designed to grant a specific activity (outside of core business activity) that the company no longer wishes to maintain within its organisation, and represents either part of the the overall activity of a site, or all of the activity of a site.


The expertise of the F/I/E/ firm

  • Several assignments carried out shortly before the latest legislative developments, as a precautionary and remedial measure;
  • In addition to our role as social climate controllers in negotiations with the trade unions and the State, our involvement allows for the value of the transfer of assets.


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