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F/I/E/ France Ingénierie Emploi


“Putting human capital at the heart of corporate development”


F/I/E/ Careers coaches executives and HR decision-makers as they strive to optimise the human potential of their enterprise. Specialised in assessing skills and internal and external mobility procedures, F/I/E/ Careers also helps to hire new high potentials.

F/I/E/ Careers gives its clients a guarantee of successful completion, and to maintain it assignments beyond the trial period for recruitment, and after the first repositioning for an outplacement.

F/I/E/’s global offer to its clients allows F/I/E/ Careers to perform its assignments through real anticipation, which guarantees their consistency with the enterprise’s social strategy.


F/I/E/ Careers expertise

Recruit new high potentials

  • Assessment of enterprise expectations and needs: job description, required professional and managerial skills, corporate culture.
  • Drawing up of a detailed specification.
  • Search for candidates through a direct approach handled by a two-person team: an expert consultant and a research assistant.
  • Evaluation of candidacies sent by the client.
  • Personality test and assessment of match between candidates and position.
  • Submission of a short-list of candidates and advice to client on final choice.
  • Follow-up of candidate integration during trial period.
  • Resumption of assignment in case of failed trial period.


Reveal and assess the enterprise’s expertise

  • Conduct interviews focusing on career path, achievements, skills and match between employees and target positions.
  • Conduct tests in order to understand the personality of the employees and their career motivation.
  • Help the enterprise to evaluate the best candidate for internal mobility.


Develop and coach enterprise new potentials

  • Skills, career and manager positioning assessments.
  • Managerial reports: coach managers as they take on a new position.
  • Coaching: prepare for internal mobility and solve difficulties with management and/or the teams.
  • Individualised outplacement.


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